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A story with many layers

Beyond the Words

As a writer and communication wordsmith, I am honored to share my gift to give each individual the opportunity to shine in any situation with a personalized approach designed to reveal a person’s authentic self.

If you desire a different kind of Wedding ceremony or need a speech for a special occasion, I can be your main resource for wordsmithing. I can help you create the ceremony you want, write the speech you need, or anything in-between, always striving to reflect you and represent who you are.

If you are uncertain of the steps you need to take to make this happen, we can talk and see how we can collaborate.

To find out more or to discuss a potential project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Michel Longpre

Fantasy Horse

Hi I'm Michel, but you may know me as Mike

From me to you, with you in mind...

I hold a life-long fascination for what I like to call the invisible realities that permeate our lives. As a writer, I’ve made it my mission to bring the joy of enchantment back into the reader’s lives by way of metaphysical adventures. I abide by the principle all knowledge is malleable if we keep our minds open to the possibilities. When I write, I work from the idea that science is spiritual, and spirituality is scientific. My guilty pleasure is to build my metaphysical adventures by borrowing fantasy or sci-fi themes and placing them in today’s world, in the now. By doing this, I hope is to coax my readers to look at life from different perspectives. I hope reading my books will widen the scope of their views about life and give them a deeper appreciation of what surrounds us in every aspect of our lives.

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