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Summer Solstice Special
Download the first two Tales from the Storyroom 
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Download the next two Tales from the Storyroom 
Download the August Episodes and enter the Storyroom 
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A new Tale will be available each month

Let's stay Connected!

Thank you for your trust in me! We'll talk soon.

More Stuff
Winter Solstice Special
Enchant the kids, and who knows, maybe yourself, with this FREE magical Christmas tale offered from me to you, with you in mind

I will never ask for your email outright, but if you want to stay connected and know about my next releases, just leave your email here. If you do, the only emails you’ll get from me will be about a new release or event, nothing else.

Other offers from me to you with you in mind

When I'm not writing my next story, I help people create entirely personalized ceremonies. Whether it's:

  • Weddings

  • Funerals

  • Graduation

  • Birth, including milestone birthdays

  • Any ceremony needed by a person or group

We can work together and I'll help you create that special moment and make it a lifetime memory.

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