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Welcome to the main page for Tales from the Storyroom. If you hope to find information about my experience with the Fey Folk, you can move along right away. In a nutshell, whatever interaction we have the privilege of having with them is highly personal and between you and your little friend. But if you are curious about the existence of the Storyroom in all its glory, stick around, we’ll have tons of fun. Take your time and look around, I will be adding elements over time, like short stories, or historical data of Fey folk existence in our world.


Some know of it, some can see it, most only dream of it. It is where stories are told.

Is does not reside in a magical place, it is a room. Beds fill the space, their colors bold.

Admitted only are the children of the Fey — be they of any creed — they call it home.

In this room, their imagination can roam free, unbound, protected by the room’s dome.

The Storytellers create worlds — with their minds, hearts, and souls — in perfect harmony.

After each cycle around the sun, the children are invited to enter, listen, and live History.

The Storytellers build worlds to create freedom, tell stories to uncover the truth from the decoy.

Today, we are the first authorised to enter the Storyroom and witness its magic. Sit back and enjoy.

The Weight of a Promise,

the first Human story from the Tales from the Storyroom


A Name for a Kobold,

the first Fey story from the Tales from the Storyroom

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