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Why that subject?

Ever since I started my project a few years ago, there’s one question people ask me over and over: Why choose to work with Fairies? To that question, there are many answers. I thought I could restart the countdown to the next episodes with a quick overview.

Image provided by Birmingham Museums Trust

First, I must insist we do not use the word Fairy. I’ll direct you to a January 2021 blog of mine that explains in detail why not, just remember to be polite and honor their presence with kind words. They are proud of their heritage, and using the word Fairy is simply too simplistic and limiting. That said, let’s get back to our conversation.

Why did I choose to work with Fey Folk to build my new project(s)? In a nutshell, it’s the endless possibilities. Another reason, this one being a little selfish, is that since I started doing research on the subject, I’ve discovered that the belief in Quantum creatures exists in every part of the world. When I say belief, I mean the stories and legends that exist. That means I get to dive into many ancient history and anthropological books about lost civilizations and look for legends that can resonate in today’s world.

Also, I wanted a subject that could be explored in a variety of ways. They have Tales about Love, Loss, Joy, Fear, Anger, and the list goes on. One thing the Fey Folk have taught me that I feel I can share with you is that their imagination is far more active than that of any human. As a writer, it will be my job to tap into that and bring their tales into our world.

See you on October 27th with the next episodes: Morrigan’s Spell and A New Task for Lugh.

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