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Cosmic Consciousness
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A Metaphysical Adventure

Take a deep dive into the notions of scientific knowledge, personal philosophical journeys, and resistance to Corporate influence in this Metaphysical adventure filled with twists and turns. You will be transported all over the world as Engella Iblis follows her calling in search of deeper answers to our presence in this world. Set in the present, Cosmic Consciousness carries the reader through a whirlwind of emotions and thought provoking insights with Metaphysical events that are guaranteed to surprise.

Within the fabric we dare to call reality lies a whole other world. Some see wonder, others see horror, yet both are looking at the same place. Forrest Greene can see through the fabric but cannot say why. Madeleine Greene holds a deep secret and cannot say what. Jasper and Stephen know the way but cannot say where t begins. Ralph Greene wants to go in but doesn’t know when. Together, they will help Forrest live up to the promise made in his name.

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The Chaotic Mind

The present moment is nothing more than a complex melding of the past and the future

“Books may look like nothing more than words on a page, but they are actually an infinitely complex imaginotransference technology that translates odd, inky squiggles into pictures inside your head.”

Jasper Fforde from "The Well of Lost Plots"

Image by Patrick Tomasso
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