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In my book, Cosmic Consciousness, there’s a corporate conglomerate called Dark Matter Alliance. They’re a faceless entity that looms over the story. I gave them that name because they represent a group of corporations that have taken over scientific research to control what discoveries leak out to the public and which ones they keep to themselves to then sell it back to the population at a high cost. They are the ones who give Dr. Frank Cutler the possibility to lay out his plan to create a new human race. I didn’t want to insist too heavily on their existence, such was not my goal with this book. That is why they are but a shadow in the story.

Today I wanted to share with you where I took the inspiration for this group. When I first started planning Cosmic Consciousness, I imagined a mad scientist alone in his laboratory, but it didn’t take long for that idea to dissipate. Too many mad scientists and hyper-intelligent villains already exist that way in many books and movies. So, I had to create an entity that would be strong enough to justify their capacities. I started my research at the beginning of the industrialization, and what I found shook me to the core. Since the beginning of the industrial era, a small group of industrialists has controlled the financial world. They created trusts, used unethical business methods, and severely underpaid their workers to amass an almost incalculable fortune. In the beginning, they grabbed the reigns of oil, steel, liquor, cotton, textile, tobacco industries, railroads, and banks, and have never looked back.

In Cosmic Consciousness, this same group has spread its control to scientific and pharmaceutical research, the media, and most governments. This is where Frank Cutler comes in, as he presents the group with a novel way to gain more control over the population. With the advent of neuroscience and its already widespread use in publicity, I thought it was topical to expose some of their methods. And rather than turning them into a dark figure of evil, I made sure Frank Cutler became a live representation of the idea that these corporate conglomerates exist for good. That part was important for me because when we look at the history of the corporate stranglehold that exists in finance and industry, there have always been people who admire their success and want to be a part of it.

Going back to the research I spoke of earlier, when they imposed their methods and took control of everything that had importance, many saw them as heroes, calling them “The captains of industry”. They were seen by their supporters as those who would usher in a brighter future. On the other end, they were also called “Robber barons” for their propensity to take whatever they wanted, giving back but a mere pittance.

As I advanced in my research, I discovered that not much has changed over the years, if only which industry the conglomerates want to control. This blog isn’t a call to action against anything in particular. It’s merely a quick ride in my head regarding the process behind my book. But if you’ve been surprised by the possibility that corporate conglomerates control our lives, I invite you to read about the existence of both the captains of industry and the robber barons, it’s quite an eye-opener.

Take care, see you next week

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