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My deepest seeded belief

Since my book came out, I’ve had the privilege to talk about a wide range of subjects with readers and commenters on my social media and on occasion in person. But whenever the question of Faith came up, without avoiding the question, I never put forward my deepest-seeded belief. Out of respect for other’s Faith, to avoid a clash… I have many excuses to explain why I avoided this, including the fact that the few times I did share my thoughts and beliefs on this subject, I systematically got a sideways glance from both religious and non-religious people, and whichever excuse I choose, it was generally so I could stay quiet on the subject. That ends today.

It's not like this caused any major strife in my life, it was easy to change the subject and move on, but now I find myself in situations where I feel more and more compelled to share my thoughts. Thing is, I’m a writer, so before I can speak it, I must write it. As I said, it has to do with Faith, but with no religious or cultural boundaries.

Let me start by pointing out the central element of my belief, which is, as you’ll see, succinct and to the point. Once you’ve read it, if you feel like it, you can then continue reading; if not, I understand. For those who will continue reading, I’ll try to explain my position as best I can. And one more thing, this is not an attempt to insult anyone, it’s just something that shows its truth to me on a daily basis.

It’s about God; I believe God, or how I call it: “Creation Energy”, to be pure energy. It’s not a sentient being nor is it something we can anthropomorphize (attribute human characteristics or behavior to (a god, animal, or object).

If you haven’t left, thank you for indulging me; here’s the logic behind my thoughts. The “Creation Energy” I speak of is present in everything around us – including anything animal, vegetable, or mineral, besides ourselves. This energy passes through us at every single moment we live and breathe. It encompasses everything. It can use a passing thought and turn it into an idea. It can take a mountain and carve out a beautiful scenery. It is what we need to move forward in our lives.

But it exists in a neutral state. This means when we open ourselves to this energy, it’s our responsibility to use it the right way.

It will not stop you from producing Evil.

It will not encourage you to be good.

It just is.

I grew up spiritually independent, and this idea grew inside me over time. My parents loved to travel so in my youth I was exposed to many cultures, many beliefs. As I grew up, my interest in Spirituality became more important and I needed more. I investigated a variety of religions, looked at some Shamanic-based teachings, and explored pantheon beliefs. What I just shared with you evolved from each book I read, each news event that happened, each person I discussed spirituality with. It grew within me even when I tried to ignore it. In the last few years, it has grown to a point I have found I cannot do that anymore. Being the person that I am, I expanded my research to test my theory - through earth’s human and physical history, religious belief, human existence - and came to the realization I held something important. For me, accepting this knowledge answers the question “why?” for just about anything. “Why did he do that?” or “Why did the war break out?” or “Why is that person so generous?”. The “why” is how the Energy was used, and the choices that were made. When used, the Energy responds by taking us deeper into our choice, whatever it might be. This is where our responsibility to use it the right way becomes so important because this Energy will take you deeper into your choices without judgment. You are always free to use it as you wish, it will follow you.

But if we try to ignore it, The Energy will exist whether we acknowledge it or not, and it will impose itself on us. If we remain closed to its input, that’s when feelings of being pushed around by our lives appear. That’s when events will happen in our lives that make us doubt the existence of God. That’s when we see the darkness as some unescapable tunnel. If we are open and receptive to it, if we share our deepest truth with it, it will influence your life in positive ways. Its energy will lift you up and guide you, which is when the idea that God exists is usually at its strongest.

To finish, like I said at the start, this is not an attempt to be provocative or to insult anyone who has different views, it’s just something that I must share if I am to be an authentic writer and person. And this isn’t anything new, these ideas have been explored by others in the past, with Heraclites and Spinoza among those who have explored this idea.

This blog post is the first of a series, this subject is not something I can contain in one post. And let me know in the comments if you would be interested in a Livestream discussion on this?

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